Tax Estimator - Methodology

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The Estimator requires that you submit your income. The application uses this, along with data on federal, state, and county tax revenues and spending, to estimate how much you pay in sales tax, property tax (if you are a renter, your landlord pays this tax, but he likely charges you higher rent as a result), other taxes and fees (including alcohol, gasoline, cigarette, and telecommunication taxes), indirect taxes against your employer, your investments (as described on the previous screen) and merchants you frequent, and future tax liabilities against you.

It should be noted that these calculations are rough estimates -- there is no easy way to determine exactly how much you pay in sales taxes, gas taxes, taxes on your investments, or how much you will pay in future taxes to cover current government borrowing. Still, this application will provide a good idea of how much financial support you provide for various government activities.

Except for Baltimore City residents, this application does not consider municipal taxes and spending. If you live in a Maryland municipality, your financial support of government will be higher than what is shown by the Estimator.

For your information security, none of the information you enter is stored by MPPI after you leave this application, and no information is collected that would personally identify the information as yours.

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